Looking for love? Weekly General Astrology 2nd December — Jupiter shifts our fortune read more.

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Join members area now! In one way or another, the events of the week will be an important life lesson for you. The unpleasant thing about this week is that you will often be pessimistic, nervous, touchy, or quick-tempered, as you will experience many different emotions more emotionally. These moods will not be helpful to you, and it may be good to impose self-control on your own emotions and reactions.

During these seven days, love can make you enjoy interesting experiences as long as you avoid the influence of the moods mentioned above.

Gemini Daily Horoscope

The week features news and events related to pregnancy, childbirth, and more. This will be an auspicious week in financial terms, with the opportunity to achieve an important outcome for you when talking about money, financial documents, and more. Many will be pleasantly surprised by the extra revenue in their budget. Women will take more responsibility for the family and for people in their immediate family.

You will be committed to organizing various family gatherings during the week or until the end of the year. Men will focus mainly on their financial affairs and providing sufficient resources in the family budget. Attempts to circumvent the law or to cheat in a particular situation will not go unnoticed. Gemini Weekly Horoscope 25 November - 1 December, If you were born under the sign of Gemini, this week you will not be happy with what you will achieve.

gemini Horoscope

It may be possible to make more commitments, but not have enough time to fulfill them, or commit to promises that will be difficult for you to fulfill. News related to your old friends or acquaintances will upset you for some reason.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope January 29 - February 4 2018 Astrology & Tarot

The partitions or losses you will experience in these seven days will be part of the process of changing your life. Some of your relationships or engagements will have no place in your future and will have to end by mid-December. This electrifying transit can help you master the art of drawing the right people and situations into your life. Jupiter rules growth, expansion and exploration, which can support couples in opening up more, sharing secrets and fantasies, and feeling safe doing so!

One thing to watch for is jealousy and obsessiveness. This comes part and parcel with a deep dive through the erotic and metaphysical eighth house and is why mindful self-reflection is key! But because el Sol is in a shadowy square with nebulous Neptune in your public, professional tenth house, someone else might be out for their own personal gain.