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Birthdays & Calendar February The month of February begins in 1 year(s) and 2 month(s). To be precise, in exactly 83 day(s).

You will also know the date of the two equinoxes and two solstices, as well as when time changes are due in the US. The time zone used is for West coast time. If you live in Europe, you have an extra half-day of time to plan, and if you live in Asia, Australia, or New Zealand, you have an extra full day. Readers in South America are in time zones similar to the US. Keep in mind that an aspect is always strongest as it builds and then gradually weakens after it reaches its apex. As you see, everyone, no matter where you live, has time to take advantage of the aspects listed here.

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We support independent booksellers. We are sorry, we cannot accept orders on consignment. Additional information Weight 0. During a recent operation to repair a metal rod in her hip, Susan Miller says she briefly died on the table.

Susan Miller

But there were no white lights, and she woke up with no divine realizations. Instead she began seeing disturbing, recurring visions of what looked like meteorites flying at her when people were framed a certain way by the light. She burst into tears. Miller says she later discovered a possible meaning to these new visions. The meteors she was seeing, she realized, were memories of her view from the operating table when she was resuscitated.

Susan Miller | NEWLIFE

A Chanel-clad Upper East Side mother of two, who looks and dresses not unlike Jackie Kennedy, Susan Miller still talks about her life with the wide-eyed wonder of a child who has just seen a reindeer fly. Her work is also exuberant.

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Her monthly horoscopes can clock in at 40,plus words, organized into long, winding essays that offer her readers encouragement and advice pegged to the good or bad omens she sees in the planets. In early , Ms. Miller elaborated 17 years later over dinner in Midtown Manhattan. Many of the people who seek out Ms.

Miller says all signs point to cryptocurrency. But Ms.

A Note from Susan Miller

Cameron Diaz asked her for advice before purchasing real estate. When Emma Stone wanted to learn astrology, she called up Ms. Miller for help. After bumping into each other at a party, Jennifer Aniston volunteered her condolences that Ms. Miller to have dinner at their home.

Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone by Susan Miller

The calls go both ways. Years ago, when Ms. Her now ex-husband does not. Talking to Ms. Within minutes of meeting, Ms. Miller determines that we are going to be friends, and invites me to share a plate of asparagus with her, which she accurately predicts will be delicious.